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Pop culture

A List of Content Warnings of Sexual Violence in TV Shows

A list of TV shows and a description of their content and potential triggers around sexual trauma, sexual assault, rape, childhood sexual abuse and other forms of sexual violence.

A photo of Jennifer Lopez's movie Revenge with text that reads

The healing power of revenge fantasies

Alisa joins Ignacio Rivera on their show Connecting the Dots to discuss the 2002 Jennifer Lopez classic “Enough” and the healing power of revenge fantasies.

Screenshot of Allure.com article titled

These Three Activists Are Bringing Overdue Attention to Childhood Sexual Abuse

In my first article for Allure, I interviewed Amita Swadhin, Ignacio Rivera and Aishah Simmons three LGBTQI child sex abuse (CSA) survivors of color who are…

Image of Alisa Zipursky's Youtube video that says

Why you should never say a girl has “Daddy Issues”

Alisa Zipursky discusses how harmful the term “daddy issues” is and how being told she has daddy issues has impacted her life. We discuss slut-shaming, judging womxn and girls for how they survive sexual trauma and abuse from parents, and the gender double standard around saying someone has “daddy issues.”

Surviving R Kelly Lifetime Documentary

R. Kelly and child sex abuse that hides in plain sight

Listening to the voices of black women and girls who have been speaking their truth to power about R Kelly’s abuse for decades and following their lead in holding powerful popular figures accountable for child sex abuse.

Tarana Burke at Ted

“Me too is a movement, not a moment.”

This week Tarana Burke, the found of the Me Too Movement gave her first TED Talk, titled “Me Too is a movement, not a moment.” It has such a tremendous impact…

silly photo of Alisa and friends

Why I use humor to heal from my childhood sexual abuse

Why I use humor to heal from child sexual abuse, because sexual trauma isn’t funny, which is why I need to laugh about it.

It might feel like a long time ago for Brett Kavanaugh. It doesn’t for us.

I wrote about Brett Kavanaugh and what it’s like as a childhood sexual trauma survivor to hear people dismiss Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s claims because he was “just a teenager” and it was “such a long time ago.”

Yes, survivors can be abusers

Exploring the question “Can survivors themselves be abusers?” and facing my own personal discomfort with challenging the survivor vs. abuser binary.

8 Questions to Never Ask a Child Sex Abuse Survivor

8 questions to never as a child sex abuse survivor, including questions that can lead to victim-blaming and stigmatizing mental illnesses such as Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).