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I am available to create custom work in partnership with academic and medical institutions, nonprofits, and corporations.
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A few examples of past workshops I have led include:


Writing through Healing

Therapeutic writing to support ourselves healing from trauma


Taking Care of Ourselves while Working in the Sexual Trauma Space

For professionals and volunteers working in the field


Making our Work More Inclusive for Childhood Sexual Trauma Survivors

For professionals and volunteers to better understand how to incorporate childhood sexual trauma into their work with survivors

Workshop Testimonials

Here's what past workshop participants have said about their experiences with Healing Honestly.

Alisa's experiences make her super wise. Also she was so easy-going and approachable, it made the space feel very safe.

- Caring for Ourselves While Working in Sexual Trauma, Workshop Participant

Alisa brought a welcoming and loving energy to our campus that was unmatched to any event I have ever attended. Her wit, empathy, and ability to connect with the audience created an environment filled with love, acceptance, and healing. The conversation that Alisa started on The University of Michgan's campus was vital and I hope to continue to have this conversation in the future.

- Emily Kiernan, SAPAC, The University of Michigan

The workshop made me feel hopeful for a happier me. I want to start working on taking better care of myself.

- Caring for Ourselves While Working in Sexual Trauma, Workshop Participant

I appreciated Alisa and her attitudes towards all of us. She made everything seem okay and valid and accepted. I did not once feel sad or upset, which I thought I might, but her presentation emphasized the healing and positivity. I feel at peace.

- Healing Through Writing, Workshop Participant

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