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Are you a childhood sexual abuse survivor who has struggled with questions around memory looking for guidance and support for the voices of self-doubt and invalidation that live in our minds? These voices say things like, "I'm not a real survivor because _____" and "I can't heal unless I remember exactly what happened", and ,"I can't explain how I was okay for so long until I wasn't."

Who is coaching right for?

My live coaching program teaches survivors how we can learn to turn down the volume of those untrue stories that can dominate our minds in order to hear our own inner wisdom more clearly. This program is great for people who are:

CSA survivors who have struggled with questions around memory and feelings of invalidation

Actively in therapy and have spent time exploring their healing

Ready to make a financial investment in their healing


Here's what past participant, Avonlea has to say about her experience with the coaching program:

It was helpful to me to be in a space that recognized the systemic and cultural beliefs that create and reinforce the issues many CSA survivors struggle with. I loved the intensely supportive and optimistic space that Alisa held for us--it felt like she always was seeing the best in me and all of us.

- Syl, Healing Honestly Coaching Participant

I see a trauma therapist regularly, but what I was missing in my healing journey was the sense of community. This group provided that for me and allowed me to branch ideas from the group to my personal therapy and vice versa. There is never pressure, always acceptance and love.

- Avonlea, Healing Honestly Coaching Participant

Alisa is a gem and her humor, openness, and desire to support others make it feel like you aren't alone in fighting the monster untrue stories running through your brain.

- Sydney, Healing Honestly Coaching Participant

With Alisa, you step into the space as a survivor of CSA and move forward from there. There are no questions about the details, no doubting of your experience. You have nothing to prove and no one you need to convince. You begin exactly in the place that the world has denied you. You belong. You are believed. And soon, you understand that the world can no longer deny you.

- Dani, Healing Honestly Coaching Participant

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