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My videos, which come out every THURSDAY, are for other survivors of sexual violence and the people who love them, including survivors sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence. These are survivor-to-survivor videos to support each other in living full and vibrant lives while healing from trauma, including living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


✨ child sex abuse survivor living w/ #cptsd
🙌🏽 offering survivor 💗@ healinghonestly.com
🤷🏻‍♀️ funnier than you’d think / for CSA survivors ⬇️


Writer, Storyteller, Speaker.
I’m a child sex abuse survivor, offering survivor-to-survivor support.


I write about being a survivor of child sex abuse and living with PTSD. It’s funnier than you’d think.


Storyteller, speaker, writer, survivor advocate
Washington DC-Baltimore Area
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In practicing self-care, I ask that in your email that you please be mindful of sharing information with me that could be potentially triggering. As a reminder, I have zero medical degrees, and am not a therapist or counselor. If you need to speak with a trained trauma counselor, or are in crisis, please contact the following free and confidential 24/7 hotlines: RAINN.org free online chat and hotline at 800.656.HOPE, The 988 Lifeline at 988 and the Trans Lifeline hotline at 877.565.8860.