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How both having sex and not having sex have helped me heal from sexual trauma

This is the story of two one night stands ande one childhood sexual abuse survivor. Choosing to have a lot of sex and choosing to have no sex at all (and everything in between!), can help us to heal from sexual violence, including childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence. My relationship to choosing to have sex and my desire has changed through my healing journey and living with complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) .

When PTSD and hypervigilance are planning your wedding for you

The challenge of living with complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD), catastrophic thinking, and healing from sexual trauma while trying to plan for a hopeful future.

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When do we tell someone we’re dating that we are survivors?

How do we navigate the murky waters of telling someone we are dating that we are survivors of sexual trauma?

the guardian

Alisa and Charlie are in The Guardian talking about PTSD, intimacy and love.

Alisa and Charlie’s relationship was featured in the Guardian, specifically how they communicate through the challenges of PTSD and Alisa being a survivor of child sex abuse.

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The Truth About Being in a Relationship with a Survivor with PTSD

An interview with my boyfriend about being in love with a survivor of child sex abuse and how my survivorship and PTSD affects our relationship.

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And they wonder why we hide

With so much talk of survivors coming forward, here’s one small story of how messy coming forward can be, even when it’s a self-declared male feminist you’re banging.

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Girl Got Daddy Issues: How I found my survivorship through sex

This is a story about being slut-shamed and told that I had daddy issues.

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Let’s talk taboos: coming clean about child sexual abuse

A story that uses humor to discuss breaking down the taboos around speaking out about child sexual abuse.