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Healing from childhood sexual abuse with families who don’t support us

How do we deal with the heartbreak and trauma that comes from our families denying our truth? I received this question from Sydney Gal (she/her) from Sydney…

Advice for parents of CSA survivors

Hear from Alisa’s mom about supporting an adult child who experienced childhood sexual abuse (CSA). Read her advice for parental figures and parents on how to show up for CSA survivors in their lives in a way that centers the survivor and their needs.

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Home for the holidays with trauma in our lives

The holidays are can be hard for so many of us. While we are surrounded by images of happy families coming together, it can feel particularly isolating for those of us who have a traumatic relationship with our families and feel anxious or unsafe about spending more time with them. Whether we come from a home with alcoholism, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, or violence, being with our families can be a re-traumatizing experience for us, and the holidays are a very important time for us to care for our health and safety. Below are a few thoughts to keep in mind to help care for ourselves during this difficult time.

When death and grief trigger the trauma of childhood sexual abuse

The most personal story I’ve ever written, I share about the first time grief and trauma met within me and what it’s like for a death to trigger the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. The first time I was dianogised with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was when my chosen father died.

Getting through Father’s Day

For so many people Father’s Day is triggering of their trauma of having an abusive father. I offer five strategies I will be using to help manage my PTSD and triggers during Father’s Day, my least favorite holiday.

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Migrant children are being traumatized right before our eyes: Here’s what we can do

I wrote about 3 actions we can take right now to help migrant children who are experiencing trauma and torture at the hands of the US government right now.


This guilt will not kill you

Pulling away and creating boundaries with an abusive parent, when the feelings of guilt can be so paralyzing. This story focuses on emotional and sexual incest survivors living with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and healing from sexual trauma.


What happened when I dumped my abuser’s last name

It is the first birthday of my new legal name, since removing my abuser’s last name, and with my new name I have found freedom, relief, and pride.