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Ask a Survivor

Would you like to contribute to Healing Honestly The Book?

Would you like to share about your experiences healing from childhood sexual abuse? I am writing Healing Honestly a book that will be coming out in 2023 that offers survivor-to-survivor support in healing from CSA and living with trauma from sexual violence. You can contribute your words and thoughts anonymously or with whatever name you would like to use!

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What working on our healing can bring us

Ingrid, a reader, asked if I could write about all the positive changes that happen when we work on our healing. I asked sexual violence survivors, including childhood sexual abuse survivors, to share with me their experiences in healing from trauma and all the good stuff that work has brought into their lives.

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Celebrating together!

This week marks HealingHonestly.com’s fourth birthday and, for the first time, I actually wanted to celebrate it. I have struggled to take time to appreciate my…

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Men who survived childhood sexual abuse

I interviewed men who have survived childhood sexual abuse about their experiences in healing from sexual trauma, including dealing with homophobia, toxic masculinity, and larger gender dynamics.

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For sexual trauma survivors, the COVID-19 pandemic can be triggering, calming, and everything in between

Hear from sexual trauma survivors around the world about how they’re coping and showing up for themselves during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, which includes managing complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD), anxiety and depression, as well as finding quiet and calm in knowing everyone around them is in this together.

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How to prepare to speak publicly as a sexual violence survivor

HOW TO PREPARE TO SPEAK PUBLICLY AS A SURVIVOR OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE/ Are you a sexual violence survivor who is thinking about speaking publicly about their trauma and healing? I offer the 4 tips I wish I had known when I first started speaking publicly as a childhood sexual abuse survivor four years ago. With the growing #metoo movement, there is more pressure than ever on sexual assault survivors to speak publicly about what we’ve been through. I’ll go through my top pieces of advice, and we’ll also talk about how it’s totally cool if speaking publicly isn’t a part of your healing journey!

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“Am I a ‘real’ survivor of sexual violence?”

Are you a survivor of sexual violence, including sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse, who deals with voices inside your head that tell you that you aren’t a “real” survivor or that maybe you’re being dramatic or making your sexual trauma up? In this video, I talk about my experiences dealing with my own voices of self-doubt about my survivorship and 1. Why those voices are so common for us survivors and 2. Strategies for combating the inner voices of doubt and invalidation.

Shehariah Johnson of Silence Kills

Building community while healing from intimate partner violence

Interview with Shehariah Johnson, intimiate partner violence, or domestic violence, survivor and activist doing amazing work to support survivors in her native DC as well as online. Shehariah talks about why she focuses on creative expression as a tool for healing, her advice for organizing in your own community and what she wishes people understood about being a survivor.

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Through the lens of a survivor

An interview with visual journalist and photographer Mariah Miranda about her project In the Wake of Trauma, and what it’s like to photographer domestic violence survivors as a survivor herself.


Ask Away: Do I tell mother that I’m a child sex abuse survivor?

https://healinghonestly.com/contactI answer a survivor’s question about whether or not they should tell their mother about their childhood sexual abuse and incest.