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I offer a Healing Honestly™ Small Group Coaching Program for CSA survivors who have struggled with questions around memory. To learn more you can book a free 30-minute coaching call with me here. In addition to coaching, I travel around the country giving talks, hosting workshops and engaging on panels on the topics of healing from sexual trauma and supporting survivors. I am available to create custom work in partnership with academic and medical institutions, nonprofits, and corporations. Just fill out the contact form and we can talk about working together.

Healing Honestly™ Coaching Program

Are you a childhood sexual abuse survivor who has struggled with questions around memory looking for guidance and support for the voices of self-doubt and invalidation that live in our minds? These voices say things like, "I'm not a real survivor because _____" and "I can't heal unless I remember exactly what happened", and ,"I can't explain how I was okay for so long until I wasn't."  My live coaching program teaches survivors how we can learn to turn down the volume of those untrue stories that can dominate our minds in order to hear our own inner wisdom more clearly.  This program is great for people who are:

  • CSA survivors who have struggled with questions around memory and feelings of invalidation 
  • Actively in therapy and have spent time exploring their healing
  • Ready to make a financial investment in their healing 

To learn more about the program, send me a message through my contact page

Here's what past participant, Avonlea has to say about her experience with the coaching program:

Alisa’s structure is incredibly well crafted. I was always comfortable, safe and supported in the group. I was truly impressed (of course I already was by her!) by how Alisa lead such heavy topics in such a tactful way, with humor and honesty.

I see a trauma therapist regularly, but what I was missing in my healing journey was the sense of community. This group provided that for me and allowed me to branch ideas from the group to my personal therapy and vice versa. There is never pressure, always acceptance and love.

The relationships I have formed with individuals in the group, miles away, is beautiful. Worth every penny, I am so grateful.

Talks and keynotes

Examples of keynotes and talks that I have given:

Healing from sexual violence, including:

  • Hope and healing from sexual violence as a young person
  • How to be a good friend to a sexual violence survivor
  • Navigating dating and sex while healing 

The epidemic of childhood sexual abuse, including:

  • How to position your organization to better serve child sex abuse survivors
  • Understanding how child sexual abuse shows up on college campuses 
  • Incorporating childhood sexual abuse into larger conversations of sexual violence
  • For therapists and clinicians: how to better support to adult survivors of child sex abuse

You can get a sense of what I'm like by checking out The Moth grandSLAM five-minute story.  


Workshop Topics

  • Writing Through Healing
    Therapeutic writing to support ourselves healing from trauma
  • Taking Care of Ourselves While Working in the Sexual Trauma Space
    For professionals and volunteers working in the field
  • Making Our Work More Inclusive for Childhood Sexual Trauma Survivors
    For professionals and volunteers to better understand how to incorporate childhood sexual trauma into their work with survivors


Alisa brought a welcoming and loving energy to our campus that was unmatched to any event I have ever attended. Her wit, empathy, and ability to connect with the audience created an environment filled with love, acceptance, and healing. The conversation that Alisa started on The University of Michgan's campus was vital and I hope to continue to have this conversation in the future.
Emily Kiernan
SAPAC, The University of Michigan
“I would honestly recommend this workshop to anyone—I feel like by coming I’ve practiced self care and love. I didn’t realize how much I needed this.”
Healing through Writing Workshop participant
I appreciated Alisa and her attitudes towards all of us. She made everything seem okay and valid and accepted. I did not once feel sad or upset, which I thought I might, but her presentation emphasized the healing and positivity. I feel at peace.
Healing through Writing Workshop participant
The workshop made me feel hopeful for a happier me. I want to start working on taking better care of myself.
Caring for Ourselves While Working in Sexual Trauma Workshop participant
Alisa's experiences make her super wise. Also she was so easy-going and approachable, it made the space feel very safe.
Caring for Ourselves While Working in Sexual Trauma Workshop participant

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