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Self care

Tips for going to the gynecologist as a survivor

Survivor-to-survivor tips for dealing with sexual trauma and going to the gynecologist or getting a pelvic exam, including tapping into self-compassion for why it can be so hard for us, asking for accommodations to make the office visit more comfortable and celebrating the accomplishment of going to the exam.

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Ways We Can Soothe Ourselves from Our Homes

21 ideas of free activities we can do to soothe ourselves from our homes to help with anxiety during isolation

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Writing prompts to support ourselves healing from sexual violence

A list of writing prompts that can help us support ourselves in living with complex trauma, ptsd, and c-ptsd. Strategies for therapeutic writing to help us as we heal from sexual violence, including sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse.

a list of books that support us in healing from sexual violence

Books to support us in healing from sexual violence

A list of books that have helped me to heal from childhood sexual abuse and sexual trauma that may help you in your healing journey too.

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How to Find the Right Therapist for Sexual Violence Survivors

I have been in and out of therapists’ and psychatrists’ offices since I was 10-years-old, and believe you me, I’ve learned some things. It has felt so good to…

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What does trauma-informed yoga for survivors look like?

Sexual violence survivors are leading trauma-informed yoga practices for other survivors. We discuss how yoga can be therapeutic and helpful in healing from sexual trauma and managing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and how practicing in a trauma-informed way can help reduce triggers for survivors doing yoga and help yoga classes be a safer and healtiher place for them.

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Living with hypervigilance and catastrophic thinking

Learning to live with hypervigilance and catastrophic thinking as a result of living with complex-post trauma stress disorder (C-PTSD), to push back against black and white thinking, and healing from constantly bracing for the worst.

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Strategies for writing while healing from sexual trauma

I wrote about strategies I use to for therapeutic writing as a tool in healing from sexual violence. I offer these strategies as another tool in your toolkit for healing from sexual trauma.

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Living with PTSD and the cycle of sickness

Dealing with what happens to our bodies and immune systems under the stress of PTSD and the cycle of sickness that can happen when healing from sexual trauma.

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PTSD and the power of puppies

Alisa writes about how dogs have been helpful in managing her Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and healing from sexual trauma.