About Me

Hi, I’m Alisa (pronouns: she/her/hers) and I’m so glad we found each other. [This is where I take a running leap into your arms]

I am a storyteller and writer. I am a MothStorySLAM competition champ and I have been in publications such as Teen Vogue,  BUST, TIMEThe Guardian, BustleThought CatalogOprah Winfrey Network, Hello GigglesBrit+Co, and I've gotten love from Call Your Girlfriend and other fun places!

Alisa Zipursky photo by Mariah Miranda
credit: Mariah Miranda

If this is the first time you’re here, lemme tell ya, have the last couple years have been a doozy. I had been living my best 20-something in DC boss bitch ambitious life in a cute apartment with a dream job advocating for abortion rights with international travel included. I had a fancy office with a WINDOW and also a boyfriend who I believe looks like Jesse Williams if Jesse Williams had never exercised in his life. The dream.

But then, my dormant Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which had been hiding quietly under the surface this whole time, returned with the rage and shit hit the fan.

I decided to stop hiding from myself, and through that, I began healing. These are my stories.

About Healing Honestly

sup polar bear

Healing Honestly comes from my experiences as a 20-something trying to live my career-building, tequila-drinking, sex-having, Netflix-and-chilling life while contending with my experiences as a survivor of child sexual abuse.

I wanted to create a space to speak about healing from trauma in an honest, funny and compassionate way. I do not talk about the traumatic experiences themselves, but rather about the complicated experiences of healing. I discuss about what it is like to, one hand, try to live my young vibrant boss bitch life, and, on the other, hand to have to deal with the unpredictably of PTSD. In my experience, the only way I can heal is to hold these two hands together in the big complicated mess of being alive.

I am super NOT a doctor

I am not a clinician or mental health professional (the only license I have is a drivers, and it took me 3 tries to get it). I am a writer and storyteller who has experienced how helpful it can be to create understanding around these really stigmatized topics. I encourage anyone with access to mental health professionals to take advantage of those resources, therapists and doctors can be dope and super helpful.

I think trigger warnings are very excellent

My stories are all true, as I remember and feel them, with some names changed. Each story has a specific content warning, because, trust me, I know triggers suck.

I can speak only for myself. I understand that the identities that I hold, as a upper-class, white, cis, hetero woman, afford me privileges that significantly impact my experiences in healing. I will try to be as transparent as possible about these privileges through my work.

I encourage and support anyone trying to tell their story of healing that is unique to them, their identities, and their experiences.